Starting an Online Career

Friday, August 21, 2009

Nothing to do on your free time?
Want to earn money but don't have 
enough capital for a business?
Love to surf the net?

Then, ONLINE BUSINESS is for you!

How many minutes do you usually spend browsing social networks? What if somebody will pay you $0.01 for every ten seconds you browse any page?

$0.01 * 6 (for sixty seconds) = $0.06
$0.06 * 60 (for one hour of browsing) = $3.6
$3.6 * 30 (for thirty days) = $108

That's more than a hundred bucks for simply doing something you are so fond of doing every single day. No college degree required. No cash-outs. No hidden charges.

 1. Your own computer (which obviously you already have)
 2. Internet connection. The faster, the better.
 3. Willingness and Consistency


Step 1. Register in an online payment processor. Simply follow the instructions in this post.
Step 2. Click on the banners in this post or on the trusted sites portion of this page (left-hand side) and register. Don't forget to put my name, cheketeng as your referrer.
Step 3. Login to the sites you've registered in, EVERY DAY. Make it your new habit... as often as you drink your vitamins. ^_^
Step 4. Invite your friends to do the same. The more, the merrier!


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